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Purushottam Kshetra
By Admin Posted Feb 25th, 2021

On blessing of Lord Jagannath, the stone foundation ceremony day along with a twelve hour Yangya (worship) was celebrated on 24th February 2010, the day Sri Panchami (Saraswati Puja), also known as one of holiest day for Lord Jagannath on his rituals.

On after the stone foundation ceremony, it was so glad moment, the honorable villagers (Sri Mahendra Jena, Sri Krupa Sindhu Jena and Sri Ravindra Jena) has donated a thirty thousand sqft of land for the temple construction.

To carry out the temple construction and development process, an association of ten members named “Sri Jagannath Cultural Assocition” is registered in office of district sub-collector office on 23th March 2011. (Ref: the copy of certificate of registration of association)

Its dream to have and it’s projected to make the mini replica of world famous Lord Jagannath Temple at Puri (the abode of the God of Universe) as much possible. The temple compound is an area of three acres at a whole. The compound having the Main temple at a height of 95 feet from base level and 115 feet from, the Natyamandapa (the dancing hall) at a height of 65 feet, the Bhogamandap (the offering hall) at a height of 55 feet with connected to 22 steps (popularly known as Baisi Pahacha).

Along with the main temple, it’s projected to have other temples which include the temple for Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Bimala (Goddess Durga), Lord Kashi Viswanath (Lord Shiva), Lord Ganesh , Lord Krishna , Lord Ram Sita, Lord Hanuman and Navagraha Mandap.

The temple would have to its own boundary known as Meghanada Pacheri (massive wall) along with four gates.

On searching for architect to start the construction of temple, it’s the blessing of God, we came across the architect who constructed one of famous Lord Jagannath Temple in Hyderabad and on his support, and the construction is in progress.

Phases of Construction:

On starting the work, it took completely a year to finish the foundation work, where it started from ten feet below the ground level.

On first phase of work, its projected to finish the construction work, which includes the Main temple, Natyamandapa , Bhogamandapa and Baisi Pahacha (the Twenty Two Steps), which is about to  complete (Status Update as of March 2014).

On second phase, it’s projected to finish the interior design of the temples and construction of four main gates and temple boundary the Meghanada Pachari (massive wall).

On third phase, it’s projected to finish the construction of all side temples, flooring and coloring of the entire temples and its projected to inaugurate the temple for public in between  2015 - 2016.