About Purushottam Kshetra

Sri Jagannath Cultural Association

Lord Sri Jagannath – The Supreme of Universe, incarnation of Lord Krishna having a thousand of names. Lord also known as Avataree (many forms of incarnation). The devotee says “Jagabandhu” – Friend of the Universe. The way a devotee prays to Lord and wish to see, in same avatar Lord appear in front of the devotee. Lord is known as Bhabagrahi - He Who Cares for the Feelings of the Devotee.

The culture of Lord Jagannath stands for religious tolerance, co-existence of all religions communal harmony and international integrations. Lord Jagannath is worshipped by all irrespective of castes, creed, colour and community. As a result, the entire universe and inhabitants of universe are part and parcel of the concept of culture of Lord Jagannath.

Culture of Lord Jagannath has effected unity in diversity by faith, and integrated human society with the help of human value.
So, saying more about Lord Jagannath cult and making an effort to construct a temple for Lord, with a hope:

- To rebuild and retain the society with value and meaning of Culture of Lord Jagannath.
- To come out on race of materialistic life and to spread the spirit of love above the discrimination between caste, creed and religion.
- To have thought of dedication towards society and nation to built a beautiful tomorrow.

our history

It's Friday, 22nd January 2010 the first step of long journey and installed the first brick of this history the Stone Foundation ceremony.

  • 2009
  • 2010
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  • 2015
The Stage Of Dream
Thought came as the entry to the village where beloved Lord would present Himself. In chilled morning of December 2009 we gathered at the site, it was merely a cultivation land more over small pond like situation. However, move forward with blessing and direction of Lord.
Ended For The Year
With limited fund and on arrival of rainy season we forced to stop the work the year. Within such short span of timing we try our best to proceed on the construction.
Dream Started Appearing on Shape
It was a great effort to bringing up foundation from 15 feet below the ground level. Finally, the foundation got completed and we started constructing the base pillar of basement hall. It was cherish moment for us !
The Dream Abode Of Beloved Lord
Pray was medium to pass our message to our beloved Lord and His blessing to us was our strength to move forward. Over this period we mostly cross major portion of the construction progress.
Nearer To See The Initial Shape
Through out the year we tried to complete the construction work, however respect to all possibilities and ahead of rainy season we stopped the construction work and planned to resume by Nov/Dec and with Lord's blessing all took place in right time and again we ahead of construction further.
Real work - the sculpturer carving started
By the year 2014, starting with January it got finished the structure work and on the auspicious day of "Magha Saptami" between Jan 6th - 8th the "Ratna-mud" ceremony of temple performed. And, through out the year we continue working with outer design of all three temples.
As Of Today ...
We continue the work through out the year in spite of extreme hot and heavy rain which most challenging on weather at temple site. By end of September we are about to finish the outer design work of main temple.

service to mankind is service to god

In serving human beings and society it says the actual service to God. Its our initiative with hope that our effort will make a small change on society for a better tomorrow.